Friday, June 13, 2014

You're A Blessing, No, YOU'RE A Blessing

I knew I wanted to serve in my church, here in Kansas, and I was pretty sure I wanted to do it in the youth ministry department. What I didn't know is what that would turn into. Last Friday night at "A Night of Worship". I got to talk to this girl who I hadn't seen in years, but use to be really good friends with my host-sister. She is now the Youth Pastor's assistant and has a lot on her plate right now. She was sharing with me how she is overloaded with work to do, but she shared it with such a joyful heart and a smile on her face. As I was spending time with Jesus the next day, God put on my heart to message her and see if I could help. Little did I know, she had been praying for God to send her help, as I was praying for God to place me somewhere. She was thrilled to have me and I was thrilled to help. 

I spent the entire week going into the office, helping her with the conference this weekend, the Honduras trip next week, and the upcoming summer camp. Helping her has been such a blessing, not only to serve her, but to get to know the people of Life Church. Come to find out, they're hugely desperate for leaders in their youth program, oh, and they need leaders to go to summer camp in a couple weeks, oh, and going as a leader I get to go for free, oh, and, this girl couldn't have been more thankful for Jesus sending me to her, oh, and, I couldn't be more thankful for Jesus sending me to her. God has formed this together so perfectly that I can't even express my gratitude for this opportunity. 

It's as though I have the blessing of waking up everyday and saying "Jesus, write my story for today." Never, did I think I would love so much a summer of serving week by week, day by day, when I have no idea what tomorrow holds, or how Jesus will bless me. What I do know is that summer camp falls exactly in the week between me going back to Indiana for a visit and house sitting for someone in the church. What I do know is that the amount of money I'm going to make house sitting is the exact amount of my plane ticket that I purchased to go to Utah for a Young Living conference. What I do know, is that Jesus writing my summer is a much bigger blessing than me planning it. 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Will You Walk On Water?

I heard a sermon yesterday that was titled "Will You Walk on Water?" What does that even mean? What are you willing to do that is out of your comfort zone? Currently not having a job is extremely out of my comfort zone, living with a family is out of my comfort zone, basically, my entire life I live right now. It's hard, it's frustrating, it's stressful, life is difficult, it's uncomfortable. But I always go back to that key phrase I heard when I was 18. 

God is more concerned about your character than your comfort. 

Oh how true that is. I never expected half of what I'm doing. I fear for someone low-key judging me for being unemployed right now. I don't blame them, I question this choice everyday. God has called me to a sabbatical. To focus on Him and to be available. To learn that life isn't about working a 40+ hour a week job to pay for your "needs" to be comfortable. Life is about serving Jesus, seeking after Him, taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. What's your focus on? What will you do that is out of your comfort zone? Because if you want a different result, you need to do something different. If you want to grow in Christ, you need to step out of your comfort zone; or you'll never grow. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Don't Take A Job, Just Be Available

You want me to do what? I guess we never really plan on blessings, but as it became clear to me that Jesus was telling me to quit my job and be available for whatever is next...wasn't exactly my plan. I've been work-obsessed, and obsessed with making money for the past eight years; not having a job is more out of my comfort zone than having one. 

See, God is more concerned about my character than my comfort. So for me, not having a job means, not having a purpose. When I hear that people don't have a job and don't have a family to maintain, my first thought is often..."so..what do you do with your life?" Because to me, a job defines who you are and what you do with your life. I missed the point though. I missed the bigger picture. I missed what God has placed me here for. I wasn't placed here to work 40+ hours a week, I wasn't created to wake up every morning with the purpose of going to work, making money, coming home, eating dinner, going to sleep, and doing it all over again. Throw in school full-time and you have the basis of my life for the past few years. Those things aren't bad, they're bad if you let them define you.

God has given me a season right now where He is asking me to not work, to not have a job, but to focus on serving Him and volunteering wherever it's needed. To simply, be available. Does this make sense to me? A little bit more everyday. Do I like it? I'm warming up to the idea. Am I excited to see what He has in store? Most definitely. "My availability is God's opportunity to work a miracle through me." So yes, this season, is a blessing. A blessing of not working, but of being available for whatever is next.

Friday, April 30, 2010

a year later

Well, because I'm avoiding homework and I realized that it's been a year today since I've updated this. I'm going to ramble, although I'm not even sure anyone reads this anymore. haha.
But Kairos is going awesome!! I love it a lot!! We just did our kairos games the past two days and I'm still a little sore from that. But I think I ran most of it off in the 5k. That sounds normal. We don't have much left of kairos. Which is crazy. Like we still have a little over 3 months. Buuut it's gonna fly. We leave for minnesota in 3 weeks and then back in kansas for 1 1/2 weeks then royal servants...which I'm going to Ireland!!!! :D Then back here for a week and graduation!! Oh man! Like parts feel like they've gone by fast...but I feel like I've been gone forever!! I can't believe it's may tomorrow, but october feels like years ago. But this adventure is seriously the best one of my life, I can't even imagine the fact that God probably has something bigger planned next!!
Man, so much I could say. I don't even know!
God is providing in HUGE ways with my financial support!! Only about $450 to go!! :D Wow, out of $10,000. I'm stoked!! He provided for sure!!
Well, I really should work on homework now!! Adios!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

it happens

-My mom told me that she is gonna miss me when I move out...but only cause I provide her with entertainment. She said I'm very amusing. So I guess that is they only reason she will miss me. Oh well.

-I was never really aware of my small town ness till the other day...when I got done at the doctor's office and was hungry. But didn't want to drive over the the strip of restaurants. (note: 3 mins away...maybe) Maybe I've realized this cause I now have friends who make fun of me for living in a small town. haha ya know..I didn't choose where to live. =D

-Never thought about the fact that if your friends drive you craZy...then you probably shouldn't be friends with them anymore. Darn person making me think. :)

-Thinks...that when your 3 year old niece/granddaughter is in the hospital for four days...that you should really go visit her. UNLESS you have a darn good eXcuse for not being able to. Like you're in maryland visiting your sister.

-Driving and texting is a very bad idea.

-Apologizing for waking someone up does not fix the fact that you just disturbed their sleep. ((alright I'm kidding))

-So, I totally didn't realize people still take me seriously. I told my supervisor a couple weeks ago that I wasn't gonna come to work tomorrow cause I decided it was Friday. Then as I was leaving after work she asked me if I was coming tomorrow. Like people still take me seriously. I really didn't know that.

-Thinks you must be REALLY tired. When you take a four hour nap, wake up 3 hours before the general time when you go to sleep and are still able to fall asleep about that time.

-So I was doing data entry stuff for my sister and came across someone with the last name orange. So I told my sister and she asked if I was gonna call them and see if they had a teenage son. hm is that bad?! (note: I didn't call them)

-Here's a can now blame your confusion on the fact that your brain is on shuffle and won't focus. (nice Katrina)

-I was sitting in Katrina's kitchen the other day and talking to her and Malachi and something was said about where we all lived or something. Malachi spoke up and said "all I know is that I'm far away from your house". Thanks Malachi.

-While on royal servants (my mission trip).....Becca and I were standing there hugging...yep...just standing there hugging. It was very common for us. She told me that "Karyn, you smell like dryer sheets, ferbreze and mold...if royal servants made a body spray...this is what it would smell like." Cause see...ya know...we all smell bad on RS...lack of showers & our laundry situation wasn't good. So you would put dryer sheets in between your clothes in your blue pack to make them smell would spray them with ferbreze and then you just smell like mold cause your clothes don't always dry the greatest. So yeah..thanks Becca! =D

-I'm thinking it's bad when your mom has to tell your little brother to NOT put holy socks on tomorrow. He tends to wear socks with giant holes in would think he would want new ones.

-Don't worry...I live in the good part of the ghetto. You won't get shot unless you drive 3 blocks the other way. Nice.

Just some thoughts to entertain your day. Cause apparently I'm amusing.

Friday, April 24, 2009

deep thoughts/funny stroris.

-I told the sacc kids (school age child care) that if they don't go to the bathroom every three hours then they are dehydrated. So guess what, they decided to tell me their bathroom schedule. guess I asked for that.

-When someone tells you to have a good day, tell them "thanks, you too!". Just do it. ESPECIALLY in a drive-thru. Now, it won't affect me AT ALL if they don't have a good day. But it's just freakin polite.

-While driving on the interstate...don't have your brights on. It creates hard to see situations for the people who are being polite and don't.

-While driving...don't close your eyes and I BET it will keep you from falling asleep. Just don't go it. Simply roll down the window just a bit and sing along to the radio. This has kept me awake every time.

-When texting someone. Don't just die on them..cause then they sit there wondering what's goin on. Simply tell them that you're gonna go.

-When bringing someone to their the a random neighborhood. It's polite to make sure they get in their car and it starts and they are good to go BEFORE pulling away. ;) jk

If you pray and ask for are gonna end up hating your life cause God is gonna give you idiots to work with who don't know what they're doing so you can learn patience. Just don't ask for it.

-Never choose money over family and friends. I'd rather die saying I spent the time I wanted with them...then die with a lot of money that won't matter then. Keep the amount needed and enjoy the rest of your hard earnings.

-When wondering what you should wear for pictures. Remember that what you choose is expressing your personality. How do you want to be remembered that day and forever?!? No pressure. ((note: from Katrina with my added commentary. She wanted credited))

-While taking time with kids...remember its the little things that count that they remember in life. Like playing a game with them. Taking a extra five minutes while putting them to bed to let them know that they are special to you even while they're going to sleep! Kids don't want to go to sleep cause they're missing out. Let them know that you aren't gonna leave them for something better.

-When told by your friend's mom that their daughter could really use friends like you. Debating on weather or not that's a good thing that you are liked so much by adults. Remember that when you want that friend to go with you somewhere. You are more likely to have the trust of their parents. Like taking a friend to Colorado for two weeks! ;)

-When wondering why God gave you little brothers...figure out a answer and let me know.

-Just because you don't smoke...doesn't mean you don't get smoke breaks. Because you are choosing life over cancer does not mean that you don't get a five minute break to rest your feet. Simply tell your manager that you're taking a smoke break and they will accept it.

-When someone is reading something to you. Don't look over their shoulder and read ahead. It's just darn rude.

-Keeping a straight face while trying to intimidate a kid to listen to so much better.
When going through a drive-thru have your money out so you can get the amount faster. Or your debit card.

-You should totally take time to watch the sun set and star gaze. It's amaZing. My yard is a great place to do that!

-Then there is Malachi. Funny story. My mom & Katrina and cleaning the house today. They found this old lunch box that use to be my brother's back in the day for summer day camp. Malachi wanted it and so he is now walking around with it. So we're all sitting here and I look over and Malachi is slamming his lunch box on the floor. Like dude, Malachi..stop. So Katrina tells him to stop and he looks up and says "but there is a bug and it won't die". So I die laughing. And he gives this look of dude and says 'it won't die". Ah funny stuff.

-It's really hard when you are on the phone with someone having a hardcore serious conversation and you get this text from your friend telling you something ABSOLUTELY hilarious and you can't just like bust into laughter. I mean...that would be rude!

-Here is a thought. When you spill a drink on the floor....instead of getting angry. Think about this: BUT mom, the bugs are thirsty! (nathaniel)

-Here is another thought from nathaniel. We went to the mall and there were a lot of people there. The thought is..."mom, they're blocking our parking spot".They didn't have to right to it cause they got there first. They're just in our way. Rude people.

-Now, who says you have to eat ice cream that is in a bowl, with a spoon?! I mean, sticking your toy into the ice cream and licking it off that is COMPLETELY normal! Good job Malachi.

-The only thing silly in this world is silly string. (Nathaniel) I makes sense.

-I guess when you know that no one is gonna find the story interesting. You can wow yourself. One day, while eating dinner in the prather house. Andrew was telling a story, I guess he knew we weren't gonna really care. Cause after the story. He said "WOW!" So it went something like this. lashdahdahdashdh jah kj udhkajdhakjdh okay wow.

-I guess kids think they're cool when they get to do something without you. My niece Katie is big into saying..."I went to mcdonalds...without you". Bummer...I missed it. She is cute though.

So when you don't have a meet and greet time in your church, when you go to another church that does. I guess after the song & prayer. The meet and greet time comes and it's time to go. Nice Andrew.

-Andrew walked into the room one day and said "mommy, I'm here". All hail Andrew.

So now you have stories, you have thoughts and a little idea of what goes on in my head. Scary..I know. I could go on...but if it gets to long then no one will read it. So that's all for now.

hey look

I didn't die.....just sayin.

Friday, March 27, 2009

yup, I know

It's been a long time. Oh well..I got over it. So will you!! =D
So my adventure is coming to a close. We leave here tomorrow night to go back to Indiana. It's been fun. It was a good visit. Got to see some aweSome people, finished my blanket, did a lot of scrapbooking, time away from work. And now its time to go back to work and make some money.

I got accepted for the Barnabas team. So I'll be doing that. YAY! =D

I love the office now. It's pretty fantastic. Becca made me watch of the only things I liked that she made me watch. Good stuff.

Nothing else to eXciting.


Thursday, March 05, 2009


Sounds like a disease...EQness. EQ stands for EuroQuest...which was my mission trip. SO makes sense. Just nod your head and smile...good job.

It's 7 months tomorrow since the last day of my mission trip. Kinda a random month to be recognizing it. But...I'm currently working on a EQ blanket that Kim is helping me make. Lindsay is coming on Sunday from MN, I'm scrap booking my EQ pictures and talking to a few more people from my team. All creates in missing EQ a little bit more. Wondering who I'll see again.

This summer...instead of going on another mission trip. I'm gonna go on the Barnabas team. Which is a team that helps out with Training camp for 2 1/2 weeks. It's A LOT cheaper and not as long. Therefore I'm saving money and I'll be able to work the rest of the summer. It works. I'm eXcited about the opportunity, I mean who wants to voluntarily hang out at Training camp for two weeks. But I guess you will have had to be on a RS trip to understand that!! ;)

There really is no point to this posting. Just to let you all know..I'm not dead....contrary to what Becca thought yesterday. Just kinda my thoughts and reflections.

Missing my EQfam.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

thoughts from maryland

I've decided I have way to much time out here. I keep thinking. It's actually bad...I change my mind about 100 times. Because I have time to think. At home I think of the next thing I have to be doing. Not my future. A lot of things are bouncing around in this head of mine. But nothing decided, so I'll keep you posted.

I miss driving my car in my little town where you can't get lost and I know where everything is. *sigh*

Lindsay will be here in 10 days! Oh man. It's been way to long. Lindsay was on my mission trip this summer and she lives in Minnesota and I haven't seen her since we flew back into the airport in Chicago on August 6th. WAY TO LONG. I mean everyone except Becca I haven't seen this then. But I don't care about seeing some of them. However...I'm mildly heartbroken I haven't seen Lindsay yet. SO I get to see her in 10 days cause she is flying out here to see Becca and I. Oh man I'm eXcited! =D

Kim is helping me make a blanket like what we made Bryan in 2006 when he came home from boot camp. I am making one EuroQuest style! I'm eXcited about it! I started working on it today. Quite eXciting!

Well now it's time to say my goodbyes and go to sleep. I'm tired. No reason to be. I don't do anything. But cool!